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An exotic Oriental palace, orange robed monks, a floating market, the contrast of ancient and ultra modern cultures, the fragrances of a hundred different types of spicy hot food – we must be talking about Bangkok! The capital city of Thailand, with a population nearing 11 million inhabitants, has a way of making you feel very small. It’s overwhelming and exciting. Whatever your reaction, you will agree that Bangkok is full of things to do on your vacation. Many travelers begin their visit to Thailand with a few action packed days in the capital before heading off to one of the country’s scores of islands, with their incredible beaches, or to the mountains for hiking and climbing.

Bangkok is a breathtaking mixture of the old and the new. Visit ancient historical sites via the modern and efficient Skytrain system. Krung Thep, as the native Thais call the city, was made the capital of Siam (Thailand’s former name) back in 1782. Ever since that time, it has held an important place as the center of Thai politics and commerce. In order to really explore and learn about Bangkok, it’s best to have a few days and some advance planning. Use a bilingual street map of the city to help you get around, and preferably work out how to find the sights you most want to see.

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Places to see

As you wander around this dynamic city, you will find a few personal favorite places of your own to write home about. But you can begin by checking out some of the most popular tourist areas.

Siam Square

Siam Square is a vibrant area of shops, hotels and restaurants in the Pathum Wa district of Bangkok, near the Skytrain’s Siam station. Near the Skytrain station there is an enormous and very famous shopping mall called MBK. This is a great spot for bargains on all kinds of brand name items.

Sukhumvit Road

Sukhumvit Road offers a number of good quality hotels, popular with Thais and tourists alike. The area also hosts some of Bangkok’s notorious red light district nightlife, such as Nana Entertainment Plaza and Soi Cowboy.


Silom has a dual personality – by day a financial business district and by night the infamous Patpong nightclub area.


Between the downtown area and the river, Rattanakosin, or “Old Bangkok,” is the home of attractions such as the Imperial Palace and Wat Pho.

Khao San Road

Khao San Road is a backpacker’s haven, with its cheap accommodation for travelers on a shoestring budget.

Yaowarat Road and Phahurat

This area features the Sampeng street market as well as a number of temples and site considered holy by the Thai population. Yaowarat Road is Bangkok’s Chinatown, while Phahurat is its Indian equivalent.


Dusit is the center of Thailand’s political establishment and its monarchy. Visit its political institutions and Breezy Palace, with its attractive gardens.


Accessible by boat, Thonburi is located on the Chao Praya River’s west bank. Don’t miss the museum and the exotic floating market.


Pratunam can be considered the hub of Bangkok’s fashion district. Tourists and Thai locals come to the many shops in the area to shop for clothe at the thousands of stores in Phantip Plaza and Platinum. Here you can stay at the remarkable Baiyoke Tower II hotel, which with 85 stories is the highest building in Bangkok and one of the tallest hotels in the world.


The Chatuchak Weekend Market, a bazaar which seems to sell anything you could imagine, takes place in this northern suburb.


This is an entertainment district frequented mainly by local residents for its nightclubs, restaurants, karaoke bars, theaters, bowling alleys and ice skating rink. Mingle with Thais at play.


In this large, mainly residential area, you can shop at the local shopping center, meet students from a number of Thai universities and enjoy the Safari World amusement park.

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Restaurants and Nightlife

Bangkok is world famous for its vibrant nightlife. Its restaurants are world class and you can taste cuisines of all nations. Do sample at least one Thai meal, though, from a fine dining establishment or a street vendor; its fresh ingredients and exciting flavor combinations are truly unique. Just be warned that traditional Thai food tends to taste fiery hot to western palates. If you want a break from this peppery cuisine, you can easily find another style of cooking such as Italian or Russian food ... or even a simple hamburger. Bangkok nightlife lives up to its colorful – or off color – reputation. There is a party going on and everyone is welcome. Many of the clubs have musical performances from techno to jazz, including some “name” performers. You might want to pick a guide who is knowledgeable about Bangkok to help you find your way to the most exciting scene.


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