Attractions Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is an enormous metropolis that is home to 11,000,000 people and has year round temperatures of a humid 30 degrees C and higher. This hectic bustling city is full of life and excitement, to be sure, with vacation attractions for travelers of all ages and interests. The best way for Western tourists to appreciate the Bangkok experience is to dress comfortably (but modestly, out of respect for the Thai standards), drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, adopt a relaxed attitude … and then plunge in!

Getting Around

First of all, take a look at the various means of transportation available for getting around the city. Bangkok traffic is notoriously hectic, so bike or car rental, while a great way to visit other parts of Thailand, might not be the best way to negotiate the streets of the capital. Fortunately, there are alternatives. The BTS Skytrain is a modern and efficient way to travel the city. You can also catch a bus, metro, taxi, or tuk-tuk. Avoid the dangerous motorcycle taxis and have plenty of small change available for paying fares.


Bangkok is well known as a shopper’s Heaven. Elegant designer goods – or convincing knock offs – may be purchased at surprisingly low prices. Shopaholics are advised to head for Siam Square, with its huge and classy malls and smaller boutiques, for items such as designer clothing and accessories. Or have an outfit custom made by one of the many tailors plying their trade; just ask for recommendations, check prices and be sure to choose your fabric carefully. Another type of shopping experience is to be had at Bangkok’s outdoor markets, selling everything from computer equipment to hippie gear. Of especial interest to travelers are the night markets, floating markets (aboard boats) and gem and diamond sellers.

Cultural Attractions

Bangkok is dotted with “wats” or Buddhist temples, which give tourists a glimpse into the spiritual tradition of Thailand. The National Museum has a fascinating collection of artifacts and art. The nearby Grand Palace, formerly the residence of the kings and queens of the nation, is open to the public to visit and admire its traditional architecture and landscaped gardens. The Jim Thompson House was also built in traditional Thai style, albeit more recently, by an American silk trader and lover of Thailand. The Khamthieng House demonstrates the Lanna Thai style of construction, and is made of teak wood.

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