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Bangkok, as one of the world’s biggest and most visited cities, has accommodations in all types. From cheap budget guesthouses to ultra-modern and high-end hotels, visitors will be able to find whatever suits their style of traveling as well as their budget. Because Bangkok, as the rest of Thailand, is such a popular destination among expats and independent backpackers, there are also a whole lot of houses, apartments and condominiums for rent. Long-term stays are popular in Bangkok and it shows.

House, apartment and condominium rentals are excellent alternatives to hotel stays. While hotels are usually comfortable and are aimed to make stays as convenient as possible (for the price they charge), long-term rentals are almost always cheaper and still offer nice comfort. People renting such accommodations in Bangkok will have to do their own laundry and cook their own food, but that, in itself, saves money too.

Many of the houses that are for rent in Bangkok are in Thai style. There are, however, also expat-style houses available. Bangkok has a huge expat population, which explains the high number of western-style houses. Even the higher class Thais seem to prefer western-style houses. There are literally thousands of houses for rent in Bangkok. Most of the more modern and newer houses are found in the suburbs, oftentimes located in gated communities. These are generally artificial neighborhoods erected by one rich developer. These suburban neighborhoods are spacious, peaceful and equipped with plenty of amenities, including swimming pools, gyms and playgrounds.

The houses in the Bangkok city center are generally several decades old, but there are some newer ones as well. As land is more expensive in the city center, the house rentals will be a bit pricier compared to the suburbs. There are also numerous compounds in Bangkok’s center, usually consisting of a small collection of houses surrounded by a wall.

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