How to Golf in Thailand and Keep Your Wife Happy

John Alden from Kansas City shares with us his experiences of a successful golf trip to Thailand:

I freely admit that I am a golf addict. My wife will tell you that I spend too much time, money, and thought on the game. That’s why I knew better than to suggest a golf vacation. 

Golfing in Thailand has been a dream that I have kept to myself. I’ve read about it, heard my friends talk about it, and now I want to experience it. I hear that Bangkok alone has around 75 golf courses. Talk about golf heaven. So I decided to present a trip to Thailand as a great opportunity for my wife and I to experience the exotic Asian culture, to see endangered panda bears, to visit some Buddhist temples. Did I forget to mention the great golf courses? You bet.

It worked like a charm. She couldn’t wait to plan the trip, and I couldn’t wait to land in that golf mecca. The months went by, and while we were packing I casually mentioned bringing my clubs “in case there was some free time.” She shrugged and said that it was a pain to carry them, but if I insist go ahead.

I won’t bore you with the details, but I will tell you about two amazing courses I hit in Thailand--one in Bangkok and the other on Koh Samui Island. The Thai Country Club in Bangkok is a world class course with amazing service personnel. The caddies here, like everywhere in the country, are always smiling. The course is challenging, but has some interesting holes, especially those surrounded by water. My wife met me for dinner at the Gallery Restaurant at the club, and we enjoyed a delicious Thai meal.

When we go to Koh Samui Island, we saw the Buddhas, the white sand beach, and then I hit one of the most beautiful courses I’ve ever played. The sheer beauty was almost distracting. Talk about a lush tropical setting! The course is fast becoming one of the best places for golf in Thailand. While you play the 18-hole championship course, you view waterfalls, oceans, and more.

So what’s the lesson? There is no reason that you can’t combine golf with other pleasures. My wife is happy, and I am happy. How great is that?

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