Yoga and Thailand: A Perfect Marriage

There is something about Thailand that makes it the perfect place to study yoga. The pure beauty of this tropical country and its nearly perfect weather are a natural backdrop to learning the art of yoga. The roots of yoga go back 2,500 years to the time of Buddha, and so it is appropriate in this country, where Buddhism flourishes, to study this art of healing. There are many yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats throughout Thailand. You can study classical yoga in an ashram style environment and other kinds of yoga on islands that are dubbed true tropical paradises off the coast of Thailand.

Yoga on the beach 

Yoga is about improving, growing, and purifying. Practicing yoga on a powdery white beach with sparkling turquoise water lapping at your feet is an experience that every person who is serious about yoga should have. Studying yoga in Thailand allows you to have this experience every day that you practice yoga. What better way to alleviate stress and improve your well-being? Yes, you can do yoga in New York or London or Paris, but why not do it in the “Land of Smiles”?

Elemental and advanced courses in yoga are offered for long periods of time and for short periods geared to the traveler to Thailand. You can choose a mountain location, a beach location, or even the big city of Bangkok to do a course of yoga in Thailand. Yoga in the mountains in a peaceful rural setting has the additional benefit of pure mountain air. Yoga on the beach is simply sublime.

One option is Chiva Som in Hua Hin on the Gulf of Thailand. This resort has it all. They teach yoga but more than that, they teach you how to live in a healthy way. The secluded tropical location is in tune with what Chiva Som is trying to impart to its yoga students.

Whatever you choose, if you are serious about yoga, get serious about Thailand.

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