Weather in Chiang Mai

Now Chiang Mai, Thailand
Weather station Chiang Mai, Thailand
35.42  °C
Moderate Rain

Wind speed: 11.81 km/h
Humidity: 47%

Source: OpenWeatherMap
Mon 32.75°
8.06 km/h 
Light Rain
Tue 28.49°
5.11 km/h 
Moderate Rain
Wed 33.55°
6.88 km/h 
Light Rain
Thu 33.37°
6.41 km/h 
Light Rain
Fri 30.83°
3.96 km/h 
Moderate Rain
Sat 25.97°
2.16 km/h 
Light Rain


Chiang Mai near the northern top of Thailand the weather is broken down into three seasons cool, warm and rainy period.

November to February is cold / cool season.

March to May is the hot season.

May to October is the rainy season.

Whatever season, Chiang Mai is always pleasantly warm during the day. The cold  season, early mornings and evenings being cool and little chilly, but the temperature rises quickly when the sun rises. During the rainy season it is usually short and intense rain as in most tropical climates.

During hiking (trekking) in the mountains you may need some warm clothing especially when the sun goes down.
This is just a small guide for Chiang Mai weather.

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