Attractions Khao Lak

Khao Lak is a beach resort area approximately 60 km north of Phuket. Although they are close geographically, in character these two areas are very different. Khao Lak possesses a spirit of calm that contrasts with Phuket’s high energy party ambience. This is a great vacation destination for families with young children or anyone who wants a quiet seaside area away from frenetic night life. Thirty kilometers of beach front offer plenty of water and nature based activity to enjoy.


Khaolak-Lamru National Park is one of six national parks in the region. This is the perfect place for hiking or leisurely walking to view the indigenous flora and fauna. Khaolak-Lamru has a beautiful combination of geographical features, such as beaches, sea cliffs, waterfalls, granite mountains, and tropical evergreen forest. On the route to the Lam Ru and Hin Lad waterfalls, there are mineral hot springs with a natural 65 degree C pool.

Cultural Attractions

Traditional Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is a martial art, with a long and colorful history in Thailand. You can see professional demonstrations of this boxing in Khao Lak and perhaps even take some lessons yourself. Nuad Phaen Boran (Thai massage) is also an expression of the rich traditional culture of this beautiful land, originally developed by local monks to heal on three levels – the physical, emotional and spiritual. Experience this deep holistic healing with a traditional Thai massage at one of the several massage centers and spas in Khao Lak.

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