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Hotels in Koh Chang

Sometimes referred to as Thailand’s most beautiful island—and that says something—Koh Chang features a remote and pristine feel, inland mountain peaks covered with dense jungle, and picture-perfect white sand beaches fringed with palm trees. It is located in eastern Thailand and is the country’s second largest island after Phuket. Other attractions are coral reefs and a vibrant nightlife scene. While beer bucket parties attract mostly young independent backpackers, Koh Chang is still much quieter than other popular party destinations such as afore-mentioned Phuket and Ko Samui.

Only having made its way onto the mainstream tourist radar in the past fifteen years, Koh Chang is now developing rapidly, which brings with it an increasing number of hotels and other accommodations. And accommodation is plentiful indeed. There are basic beach bungalows, but also luxurious villas and resorts. In between, you will find affordable and well-equipped hotels.

Many of the hotels in Koh Chang are located on the west coast of the island along Hat Sai Kho, or White Sand Beach in English—a name that truly couldn’t be more attractive. Many hotels and resorts simply line the road that runs along the coast and beach. The further you get away from Hat Sai Kho and its harbor, the lower the prices will be.

Another popular and hotel-dotted area is Hat Tha Nam, Lonely Beach in English. That name is rather misleading, though, as it is where, in summer, nightlong beach parties take place. This is not the place to stay for families—youngsters, however, will have a blast. This area is home to several backpacker accommodations, but there are a number of fine hotels and resorts as well.

Other beach areas on Koh Chang, and there are many, are home to their own selection of hotels as well. What the best area to stay is for you personally depends on the activities you want to do.

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