Beaches Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is an archipelago of islands off Thailand’s southwestern coast, which is considered one of the best all round vacation destinations in the land. And for a country renowned for its stunning natural beauty and plethora of exciting tourist activities, that is saying a lot! One of the outstanding features of Lanta is its innumerable unspoiled beaches, with miles of white sand meeting clear azure waters. Have a look at some of the most notable.

Khlong Dao

Khlong Dao is the closest beach to Ban Saladan village, which is where the Koh Lanta ferry arrives. Although the beach is the most developed in the entire area, the sea here is nevertheless very pleasant. It is a great spot for scuba diving.

Long Beach

Long Beach is the most popular beach on the archipelago and offers 3 kilometers of uncrowded relaxation. Its shallow stretches of sea water are an idyllic place for children to play by day. However, in the evening, it is the place for exuberant night life.

Kantian Bay

Kantian Bay just may take the title of the most beautiful beach in the whole of Thailand. Quiet and private with pristine golden sand, it is south of Ban Saladan, about half an hour’s drive by car. Try snorkeling to view the lovely corals under the water’s surface.


Located in the center of the island about 15 km from Saladan, Khlong Nin boasts a spectacular natural setting – a long stretch of glittering white sand beach, bordered by Koh Lanta’s “trademark” umbrella trees, which in turn are backed by stately mountains and tropical rain forest.

Khlong Kong

Khlong Kong is an area whose Thai residents are known to be exceptionally friendly and hospitable. The soft sandy beach is long and edged with gorgeous tropical palm trees.

Relax Bay

In a region that is best described with superlatives, Relax Bay may well win the prize for most beautiful deserted beach. There is only one resort here and no other facilities, which may explain the peaceful atmosphere. It is recommended for those vacationers seeking peace and calm.

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