Weather in Koh Lipe

Now Koh Lipe, Thailand
Weather station Chabang Wahid, Thailand
27.89  °C
Moderate Rain

Wind speed: 19.12 km/h
Humidity: 82%

Source: OpenWeatherMap
Wed 29.35°
16.99 km/h 
Moderate Rain
Thu 29.97°
16.24 km/h 
Light Rain
Fri 29.86°
13.00 km/h 
Light Rain
Sat 29.95°
22.57 km/h 
Moderate Rain
Sun 29.81°
25.02 km/h 
Light Rain
Mon 29.75°
18.43 km/h 
Light Rain


Koh Lipe has no weather station. The closest is located in Satun.

Koh Lipe Island is located 70 km into the Andaman Sea from the place Paka Bara in Satun province. Koh Lipe has two seasons hot / dry and rainy season. The high season (peak season) lasts from December to February.
The dry season from November to April.
The rainy season from May to October.
Koh Lipe can be visited at any time of the year, the most ideal time is during the dry season from November to April. The absolute peak season lasts from December to February and means that residents are advised to be booked in advance. Maximum precipitation is in the months of September to October during monsun season.

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