Beaches Ko Samet

Beaches, beaches, beautiful beaches… Koh Samet has so many outstanding beaches that your biggest dilemma is which one to choose. Of course, if you have time, you can visit them all.

Diamond Beach

If you are looking for quiet and natural surroundings that are breathtakingly beautiful, Diamond Beach is a great choice for you. The island’s longest beach, Diamond Beach stretches along the northeastern side of Koh Samet. There are relatively few activities in the area, leaving you free to enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Ao Vong Duan

While it is shorter than Diamond Beach, Ao Vong Duan’s 500 meter expanse is still spacious enough to give you room to breathe. This beach is especially worth visiting for its views of the gorgeous sunsets.

Ao Prao

Ao Prao is yet another outstandingly beautiful beach on Koh Samet. Two hundred meters long, it is home to a number of luxury hotels.

Ao Noi Na

Bordered by several Thai communities, including a fishing village, Ao Noi Na is a peaceful and relaxing place to enjoy lovely natural surroundings.

Ao Pakarang

Here on Ao Pakarang, you can get a taste of life as the island locals live it. Seafood lovers should not miss a trip to Ao Pakarang. The seafood restaurants at this beach are considered to be the best in the country, with menus featuring delightfully fresh local seafood at reasonable prices.

Ao Cho and Ao Tan Tawan

Situated in the same bay, Ao Cho and Ao Tan Tawan are 2 charming beaches. Their combination of white sand and clear water will mesmerize you into a spirit of total relaxation.

Ao Thian

If peace and quiet are what you are after, come stay at a secluded beach bungalow on Ao Thian. Free from the buzz of activities, this boulder strewn beach is very peaceful and relaxing. It’s a great location for free diving. At nearby hotels you’ll find swimming pools and all the usual tourist facilities.

Ao Kui

Nature lovers will delight in long walks along the coast at Ao Kui. Sunrise and sunset are particularly beautiful times to experience this unspoiled beach. Its wide open spaces beckon to those who prefer contemplation to nightlife.

Ao Wai

Within walking distance of Ao Lung Dam, the beach at Ao Wai is full of coconut palms. Enjoy the energy of the sea’s sights, sounds and even fragrances her.

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