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Probably the most popular of all islands in Thailand, Koh Samui has been receiving, entertaining and accommodating tourists for tens of years. That being said; it doesn’t feel old and continues to keep up with the ever-changing wants, whims and needs of the demanding tourist industry.

Featuring palm tree-fringed sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs and lush tropical vegetation, Koh Samui is a place for some outdoor fun. In addition to numerous activities, Koh Samui also has world-class cuisine, beach bars, and spa retreats. Accommodation is available in all forms and shapes, from budget bungalows and guesthouses to well-equipped hotels and luxurious seaside resorts.

As such a popular island, Koh Samui attract lots of people who want to stay for longer than just the average two-week vacation. Of course, local accommodation caters toward that need. You will find house and villa rentals all across the island. One thing to consider when looking for a long-term rental is what exactly it is that you want out of your stay. Is it partying and sunbathing or basic back-to-nature experiences? Or rather the best of both worlds? Options are plentiful—even overwhelming—in Koh Samui. Many houses for rent are found in complexes scattered between tourist centers. Some of them feature not only just houses, but also hotel-like facilities. But just as is the case with hotels and guesthouses, long-term house rentals vary in price and comfort. Generally speaking, though, renting a house for a month or so is definitely a money-saver and will still provide you with modern comforts and all necessary facilities and is strongly recommended when visiting Koh Samui.

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