Koh Larn – About Koh Larn in Thailand

Koh Larn, also known as Koh Laan, is a gorgeous little island located 7.5 kilometers off the coast of Pattaya, Thailand. Measuring approximately 4 kilometers by 2 kilometers, it is small island indeed and makes for a popular day trip from the Thai mainland.

The island’s highest point is 180 meters—its interior is quite hilly and covered with lush green vegetation. Its coastline is home to six spectacular main beaches and a few smaller beaches. Koh Larn is home to one village, which is the permanent home of about 1,000 people. The village has a school, hospital and several restaurants and accommodations. In addition to beautiful beaches, the waters surrounding Koh Larn are crystal-clear and have an abundance of marine life.

Things to Do

Most people visit Koh Larn for its great beaches and water sports opportunities. There are six main beaches on the island: Thong Lang Beach, Ta Waen Beach, Thien Beach, Samae Beach, Sangwan Beach and Nual Beach. All six beaches feature bright white sand and azure blue water, as well as plenty of water sports. Popular water activities include parasailing, banana boating, jet skiing, fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving. A tour on a semi-submerged submarine is a very popular thing to do as well.

Facilities along the beaches are plentiful as well—there are restaurants, food stalls, shops, bathrooms and showers. And the sunsets are breathtaking!

Food and Accommodation

As mentioned before, there are numerous dining venues in the village and along the beaches. Fresh seafood is found and served everywhere, in addition to pretty much every other dish imaginable. At some places, it is even possible to enjoy an evening meal right at the beach and enjoy the sunset.

Accommodation is abundant as well and ranges from budget stays in bungalows to luxurious rooms in resorts. Although Koh Larn is mostly visited on day trips from Pattaya, it is definitely worth spending the night there—prices are a tiny bit higher than they are in Pattaya though, but are still affordable. In the high season, it is recommended to book ahead.


The easiest and fastest way to get to Koh Larn is by speedboat from the mainland. The second option is taking the Koh Larn ferry from Pattaya.


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