Beaches Krabi

The name “Krabi” refers to a region of southwestern Thailand and also to its largest town. Krabi Town is on the mainland, but the region comprises some 83 nearby islands as well. There are many gorgeous beaches to visit in the area, with two special points of interest. First, you will find amazing rock formations, naturally formed out of limestone, which are visible from most of the beaches. Second, some of the local small island beaches are accessible only by boat, making them especially uncrowded and serene.

Ao Nang

More developed than most of the local beaches, Ao Nang is still clean and uncongested. This attractive long stretch of beach is on the mainland, and is readily accessible by car from Krabi Town. With its shallow calm sea water, it is a great place for a family to spend some enjoyable hours together. At low tide you can experience the novelty of walking on the sea bed to the neighboring island of Pai Plong.

Rai Leh

Situated a short distance south of Ao Nang on the craggy Ao Phra Nang peninsula, Rai Leh has a lovely beach, remarkable for its numerous dramatic limestone formations. In fact, when you’re not swimming, you might want to try out some rock climbing. You will need to travel by longtail boat to reach this quiet area.

Phra Nang

You will have to walk along a small path from Rai Leh to reach Phra Nang. With its smooth sand and the large rocks standing sentinel, Phra Nang is known as one of the most beautiful beaches, not only in Thailand, but in the entire world.

Muang Khlong

Muang Khlong features trendy resorts for well to do tourists. Although it lacks the characteristic local limestone formations, it does have a very nice and clean, safe swimming beach.


On one of the islands just off the coast from Ao Nang, the popular Poda Beach offers a magical combination of pristine white sand and tranquil blue waters. Poda is a great place for vacationers to try some water based sports such as snorkeling, diving and boating.

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