Mae Phim – About Mae Phim in Thailand

Laem Mae Phim is a small and unassuming town on the east coast of Thailand, located about a two-hour drive south of Bangkok. It is actually no more than just one road, instead of an actual village. Nevertheless, Laem Mae Phim makes for a wonderful beach destination. It is well-known for its many kilometers of sand beaches, its cultural surroundings and its superb seafood. The road that makes up Laem Mae Phim is lined with the beach, restaurants and bars on one side and accommodations and stores on the other.

The town has become a hugely popular tropical destination among Scandinavians. There are several Scandinavian-owned accommodations in town.


Laem Mae Phim is the perfect place for a relaxed and stress-free beach getaway. It lacks the huge crowds of other beachside resorts in Thailand, yet offers the same superb quality of beaches and seafood.

Most visitors come to and stay in Laem Mae Phim to enjoy spending time on the beach and exploring the surrounding area. Nearby attractions include the Khao Pra Tun Temple, the Klong Pla Kang Waterfall, tropical islands such as Koh Talu and Koh Samet, and no less than ten golf courses.

Where to Sleep

The town has a nice selection of hotels and resorts, well-equipped with facilities such as pools, bungalow huts, spas and/or restaurants. Many accommodations are run by Scandinavian who speak excellent English.


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