Weather in Mai Khao

Now Mai Khao, Thailand
Weather station Ban Bo Sai, Thailand
29.62  °C
Light Rain

Wind speed: 19.33 km/h
Humidity: 66%

Source: OpenWeatherMap
Sat 29.66°
19.44 km/h 
Light Rain
Sun 30.79°
15.16 km/h 
Light Rain
Mon 30.14°
21.17 km/h 
Moderate Rain
Tue 29.84°
16.27 km/h 
Light Rain
Wed 29.49°
23.18 km/h 
Light Rain
Thu 29.11°
20.77 km/h 
Light Rain


Mai Khao A tropical destination, Phuket experiences hot and humid weather throughout the whole year. That being said; there are three distinct seasons: the monsoon season (July-October), the cool season (November – February) and the hot season (March-June). Mai Khao can be visited in every season, but the hot seasons tends to be so humid that it’s uncomfortable for many visitors.

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