Beaches Phi Phi Islands

Ko Phi Phi is a group of six small islands to be found in the Andaman Sea, to the southwest of the mainland. You can get there by ferry service from Krabi or Phuket to the main island, Phi Phi Don. Although the islands are not overrun with charter tourists, an extremely enthusiastic party spirit predominates, making Phi Phi most suitable as a destination for young adults. Here’s a list of some standouts among the area’s wonderful beaches.

Monkey Beach

If you’d like a break from the partyers, head to Monkey Beach on Ao Lo Dalam. This beach is tranquil and calm, possibly because the only locals are actual monkeys, and they’re on the shy side. To make it to this slice of Paradise, you’ll need a kayak and a pair (or two) of strong arms, but the experience is definitely worth it.

Ao Lo Moo Dee

This strikingly lovely beach behind a coconut plantation is a bit of a walk from Long Beach. Ao Lo Moo Dee stands out for high quality snorkeling and fishing. Another “highlight” is the mercurial Thai Rastas manning the only snack shack in the vicinity.

Secret Beach

Another great snorkeling spot is Secret Beach, accessible by hiking through the woods behind the Sunrise Resort. This small sand beach is not entirely secret, but it’s certainly private enough that you stand a good chance of having it all to yourself for an afternoon.

Ao Toh Ko

Snorkel with friendly dolphins on the gorgeous beach at Ao Toh Ko. If you trek to the viewpoint and then manoeuver your way down the trail (about an hour and a half walking total – each way), you stand a very strong chance of hiking with unfriendly insects. To avoid the kind of wildlife you won’t want to encounter, take the boat to get here instead.

Ao Poh

Walking to Ao Poh from Long Beach is short in terms of distance but the trail is very confusing. Once again, arriving by boat is recommended. Ao Poh Beach is a clean and pleasant place to swim or snorkel.

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