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Located more than 800 kilometers south of Bangkok in the tropical Andaman Sea, Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. It is so big that it is, in fact, its very own province and that the word “Koh” was left out of its name—Koh means island in Thai.

Phuket is one of the most popular tropical beach destinations in Southeast Asia, featuring crystal-clear blue waters, colorful coral reefs, spectacular sunsets and beautiful beaches. As tourism has made Phuket the wealthiest province in Thailand, you can expect accommodation prices to reflect that status. Prices are generally a bit higher than they are on the mainland, which doesn’t imply that they are unaffordable, though—this is still Thailand, after all.

There are numerous breathtaking beaches on Phuket’s coastline, many of which are home to magnificent resorts. These resort are, unsurprisingly, the most expensive places to stay on the island; but they do offer exceptional value and world-class services. They’re definitely worth considering if you are after a relaxing and stress-free vacation. Cheaper hotels are found all over the island as well. Options are overwhelming—there are literally hundreds of hotels and resorts in Phuket. In the most popular beach locations, you should expect to pay at least 1000 baht for a double room with air-conditioning. Further away from the beaches, you might find a nice double room for 500 baht. 

Booking way in advance is strongly recommended, especially in the high season that runs from November through March. That approach will result in the cheapest rates most times, walking in to book a room will most times cost slightly more.

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