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The Incredible Hotels of Thailand

So you’re going to Thailand and you’re ready to pick out the epic hotel that will act as the backdrop for your holiday. Lucky you—the options are as diverse as they are stunning!

You’ll find many hotels that make dramatic use of the natural settings—making your experience both unique and exciting. Perhaps you’ll be enjoying your breakfast from a veranda perched among rocks over the sea. Or maybe, you’ll even stay in a bamboo room standing on stilts in the ocean, so you can swing your legs off your front porch over the clear-blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

Shop til you drop in Bangkok, and then come back to your fancy, boutique hotel to kick up your feet and drink a coconut cocktail, before going out for a dinner of Pad Thai and mango sticky rice. Trek to waterfalls and small jungle villages, and then return to your bamboo cabana beside the river, to sip on a passion fruit smoothie and listen to the sounds of the singing Tokay geckos.

Whether you’re working on a scuba license and just want a comfortable room to come back to at the end of a day under the sea, or are looking for an all inclusive resort where you can play golf and hang at the spa (try the famous Thai massage!), Thailand has it all. From ornate to simple, from respected hotel chains to friendly family-run guest houses, you’ll appreciate the excellent service of the Thai people and be pleased with the level of comfort you can expect from the spectacular accommodations across Thailand.

Make sure you locate your hotel’s spirit house: an ornate, miniature shrine (almost like a doll house, but with very different intentions) these beautiful spirit dwellings are created out of respect to the local spirits who are displaced upon the construction of any building. Go and give an offering of incense or flowers to the spirits of the land which you’re calling home for the duration of your holiday.


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