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Although not as beautiful and idyllic as other beach destinations in Thailand, Pattaya is, in fact, the country’s most visited coastal area. There are plenty of activities to do and sights to see, including a few fine museums and all kinds of water sports, but, maybe somewhat unfortunately, Pattaya’s main attractions is its beer bars, go-go bars, girlie bars and massage parlors. In fact, Pattaya rivals Bangkok’s red light district.

That being said; there is a whole other side to the town as well. As it works hard to shake off its reputation of parties and prostitution, Pattaya now also attracts package tourists and even families. Lacking the spectacular natural beauty of the Thai islands, Pattaya makes up for that with a huge selection of accommodation and pretty much all kinds of water sports (and other sports) imaginable.

Accommodation ranges from cheap hostels and guesthouses to business hotels and luxury resorts. It is, however, the vast number of mid-range hotels that make Pattaya such an attractive beach destination. These hotels are very affordable, yet have excellent facilities—400 baht for a room with a hot shower, air-conditioning and cable TV is no exception. International chain hotels are present as well, including Marriott and Hard Rock.

As is the case almost everywhere in Thailand, the rates of the hotels in Pattaya vary drastically depending in the season. Although the exact high and low season dates may vary from hotel to hotel, you can generally count on higher rates around Christmas and New Year’s, which incidentally is also the time of year with the best weather. To get the lowest rates, you should normally book in advanced with any online booking website rather than deal with hotels directly.

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