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Get yourself ready for a trip to paradise. Just don’t forget the sunscreen and the bathing suits! Koh Phangan, a gorgeous island in the Gulf of Thailand, is about as close as you can come to paradise right here on earth. A refreshing sea breeze, endless stretches of white sand beaches, delectable food and exciting activities – all these lovely things about Koh Phangan combine to paint an unforgettable picture of relaxation and pleasure. Great for travelers of any age, the island allows easy access by boat to other nearby destinations. You can choose your accommodations from among a wide variety to suit your personal vacation budget and requirements. Leave the snow and slush back home – along with your winter boots and wooly scarf!

Koh Phangan, Thailand Koh Phangan in Thailand Thailand Ko Phangan


It’s up to you. Are you looking for accommodation that evokes the Thailand of 20 or 30 years ago, before the tourist boom? Then book a traditional style beach bungalow. If you want all the creature comforts and pampering you can find, a luxury hotel is more the type of thing you are looking for, particularly if you have brought your kids along. On Koh Phangan there are accommodations to match every taste and budget. Even though you probably plan to spend most of your vacation days around the beach, swimming and boating, or perhaps hiking, it’s important to choose lodgings that will feel comfortable and safe. You’ll want a cozy home base to return to after each very full day.


Wherever you go on either of Thailand’s seacoasts, you’ll find the water and the beach are the center pieces of a great vacation. Long leisurely days of swimming and soaking up the sunshine are a great start. In fact, you don’t really need to add much more to the equation – just a water sport or two; that old favorite, snorkeling; and some fun and games for both the kids and the grown ups. Strolling with your feet in the blue green waters of the Gulf sheds a whole new light on the expression “long walks on the beach.” Or hike into Koh Phangan’s tropical rain forest interior and explore some of the lovely waterfalls, where you can swim or splash around and cool off. Beginning divers can take half- or full- day boat trips to dive sites near the beach or further out to Koh Tao, for more challenging dives.

Party time

Many people know Koh Phangan as the site of the famous – or sometimes infamous – full moon parties. Every month at the time of the full moon, people from all over the world gather on the island for a giant beach party. There is a lot of action and the music, dancing, drinking and celebrating last till all hours of the night. If you’re staying on Koh Phangan, it’s very convenient – you can leave your valuables at the hotel and go out and have a great time. However, this only happens once a month. Obviously if you’d like to experience this wild and wonderful happening, you have to plan your trip so that you will be in Koh Phangan at the time of the full moon. Don’t forget about Koh Phangan the rest of the time, when the island has a different type of nightlife to offer you, with regular bars and clubs.

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