Activities in Ko Tao

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Ko Tao is located in the chain of islands which form the Chumphon Archipelago, located in southern Thailand. The oceans in this charming part of the world are home to incredibly diverse and beautiful marine life. Koh Tao is best known for its diving, but there are other things to do on the island as well.

Activities other then diving

You can rent a motorbike, scooter, bike, car or ATV and explore the great outdoors. However, many of Koh Tao’s roads are made of dirt, run over mountain ridges, and are difficult to transverse. Therefore, exploring the island on wheels should be done with caution, and only by experienced drivers. Contrary to popular belief, the motorbikes and cars are probably safer options than the ATVs. Taxis and boat rides are available for the less daring. Fortunately, much of Koh Tao’s beautiful scenery can also be accessed by foot. Some of the best places can actually only be reached with your own two feet. Some viewpoints which are worth seeing include John Suwan Mountain Viewpoint, Two View, and Fraggle Rock. You can also try your hand at rock climbing and cliff jumping.

More To Do

Some other options miniature golf and bowling. For something with a more Thai flavor, indulge in Thai massage or some yoga courses. Thai cooking courses are another option.

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