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Probably the first foreigners to “discover” Pattaya Beach in southern Thailand were the American soldiers stationed nearby at the time of the Viet Nam war. The rumors they began about Pattaya eventually spread and this gorgeous place with its fantastic beaches become famous all over the world. Pattaya has been thronged by tourists looking for racy nightlife since the 1960s. The image of Pattaya as a risqué party town has stuck through the years and even today there are people who believe that it is not a suitable vacation site for families with children. However, Pattaya has changed. Numerous quiet and wholesome family friendly hotels, resorts and beaches cater to tourist looking for a calm, relaxing time.

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Beautiful beaches are still the first impression that comes to mind when you think about Pattaya, and with very good reason. There are three different sections to the resort – North, South and Central Pattaya. These areas are not actually separated in terms of geography, but merely labeled as such to make it easier to give directions to any part of the main beach. This large main beach, called, simply enough, Pattaya Beach, is located on Pattaya Beach Road. Wong Prachan Beach, the second beach, is smaller, at only one kilometer in length. Particularly popular for swimming due to its calm and lovely waters, it is to be found at the northern end of the beach area. There is yet another beach, Jomtien Beach, which is located outside of Pattaya’s center, about 10 minutes away. Here you will find peace, quiet and relaxation, without the exuberant nightlife that characterizes many Thai holiday towns. This makes it the perfect spot for a restful family vacation trip.


The general rule of thumb when booking accommodation in Thailand is to consider both your budget and the type of holiday you are looking for. There are plenty of options, with something for just about everyone. Whether you select a luxury hotel or a simple guest house, you will experience the genuine warmth of traditional Thai hospitality.

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Whenever you come to Pattaya, you will find plenty of fun things to do, usually centered on the beach. The peak tourist season is in the months of November and December, when the weather is at its nicest. The summer and early fall are the time of the rainy season. However, there are many people who like to come at precisely this time because prices are lower and the crowds are gone. Even though the rainfall can be quite heavy, it normally does not last long every day. Expect very high temperatures from January until May. Of course, if you are looking to escape winter’s chill back home, you may enjoy the contrast.

The wide range of vacation activities available makes it clear why Pattaya is such a popular tourist destination. Naturally you’ll want to while away some very pleasurable time at the beach, swimming, sunbathing and reading (or maybe dozing off behind the latest bestselling paperback). Snorkeling and diving are also great fun for all ages. There are some nice safe and shallow places for families to enjoy. When you’re ready for something different, head inland for a tour. There are many temples in the area, high up where you can get a great view of your surroundings.

For a quiet way to spend a day, go to one or more of the museums or galleries. As a special treat for the children, go to the zoo to see crocodiles, snakes and all kinds of exotic local creatures. There are parks with exhibits that showcase Thailand’s nature and architecture. The Elephant Village gives you a chance to get up close and personal with some magnificent pachyderms. Learn about the capture of wild elephants and take a ride atop one of these enormous animals.

Under the Sea

One of the attractions of Pattaya is not exactly in the area, but rather under it. The amazing undersea world must be seen to be believed. Rent diving equipment to explore this wonderland. Or visit the exciting museum called Underwater World, which features a 105 meter long tunnel where you dive or snorkel to see the incredible sea creatures. Jomtien Beach is the place to rent wind surfing equipment and at Pattaya you can rent a boat. Make sure that any equipment is in good condition before accepting it. Otherwise you may be asked to pay for damage that you yourself did not cause.

Even if not everyone knows how to dive, diving tours to the islands nearby can be great fun for a group of friends or family. This can be arranged through one of the local travel agencies; just ask that your destination be one where the non-divers can swim or enjoy other activities. The area has so much to offer and there are possibilities to suit every age and budget. Let your imagination soar when thinking about Pattaya and planning your vacation there.

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