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A visit to Bangkok is an amazing adventure. The capital city of Thailand offers so much to see and to experience. Playing golf in Bangkok is something that most people have never heard of, but if you are an avid golfer, it’s actually a great idea. This city is an excellent vacation destination because there are more than 20 very good golf courses in and around Bangkok, all within an hour’s drive. You may, in fact, be overwhelmed by all the choices available.

Golf Services

Due to the quickly growing popularity of golf in Thailand, among tourist and local residents alike, a number of golf services have been launched. These are companies that specialize in booking golf related activities and travel, often at substantial discounts. Besides saving you money, these golf specialists can advise you about the best golf courses and lessons for your level of skill. They may also have information about upcoming golf tournaments that you may be interested in, as either a competitor or a spectator.

Vacation Packages

You will be able to choose from an assortment of special golf packages that include everything you need to enjoy golfing at one or more of the local courses, like greens fees, caddy services, golf cart and club rental and transfers back and forth to the golf course. If you like, you can even opt for a full vacation package, which may include hotel accommodation, meals, tours of the country and so on, all tailored around your love of golf. A good golf services operator should be familiar with the various golf courses and can create a package that suits your needs, budget and golfing ability.

Planning Ahead

Bangkok area golf courses tend to be very busy, especially on the weekend. It’s important to reserve in advance to make sure you will be able to play at the time you’d like. Another consideration is the weather. The golf services operator can tell you how the various golfing locations will be affected in the rainy season.

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