Thailand bans plastic bags 2020!

Don't forget to bring your favorite shopping bag!

Thailand no longer allows major stores e.g. 7/11, Tesco, Big C, Tops and additional 70 stores to offe...

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Bangkok - Shop until you drop...

Shopping for all in Bangkok

We all know that Bangkok is a metropolis of entertainment, festivities and of course shopping. Unfortunatel...

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King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand 1927-2016

One of the most important goal in any persons life is to be remembered for something. Whether it is as a father or mother, or something he...

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Songkran worlds biggest water fight 13 April

We all loved water fights as young in the hot summer days, and even as adults it still keeps its charm. We all remember a time when we bought ...

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Yoga and Thailand: A Perfect Marriage

There is something about Thailand that makes it the perfect place to study yoga. The pure beauty of this tropical country and its nearly perfect weather are a natural backd...

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How to Golf in Thailand and Keep Your Wife Happy

John Alden from Kansas City shares with us his experiences of a successful golf trip to Thailand:

I freely admit that I am a golf addict. My wife will tell you th...

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Keep the paradise a paradise with Trash Hero!

Have you ever wanted to head to the beach one day and get filled with remorse at the amount of trash that fills the water and the beach? We have all seen how sloppy some ha...

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New Blog! ThailandGuide24 :)

Good News!  

Now we set up the blog for Thailandguide24. We will try to write wonderful and helpful blogs about Thailand.

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