Songkran worlds biggest water fight 13 April

We all loved water fights as young in the hot summer days, and even as adults it still keeps its charm. We all remember a time when we bought water guns or even had our own creative inventions like water balloons or the like to give us the upper hand and variation. If not when we were young, then for our children in our current time.

So try to imagine Thailand, where they have the biggest water fight in the World! Not only that, but also for three to seven days, every year. These start at April 13 and is an extremely important holiday for the Thai people. It is also good to know for us tourists, so we won't put on our favorite suit before heading out for work, and then arrive more wet than a fish.

Please visit website, and find out more. Here you can find all the information you need to know before you arrive at the water festival.


This is actually Thailand traditional new year. But to adapt to the rest of the World, they've changed the date of their new year to the first of January. This happened first one time in 1888, where the date got changed to the first of April, and then again 1940 to the first of January. However, 13 April is their own cultural new year and is by that a very important holiday in Thailand. Actually, the first dates for their new year was calculated astronomically based from religion, but since have gotten fixed dates. A very interesting story for the one who likes to read.

Everyone will participate in this holiday. You can even see police, military or political people having their fun with water. So get your opportunity to give back by drenching them in water in a fun way.

The first day starts with a Buddhist ceremony that includes donations and gifts as an offering for a blessing of good fortune in life. At this time, the Thai people will also wash Buddhist statues for religious beliefs, this will happen either in the open or in a temple. Even fascinating sandcastles will be built in some temples. After this is done, the families will head back home and the children will be washing mom, dad and the old from top to bottom in a way of showing respect and love for giving them life. This does not apply to all, because some rich or highly regarded families might only get their hands and feet washed. Either way, this is a holiday for the family. After this ceremony is done, it's all free to join the water fight with fun festivities. In other words, a very happy moment for everyone included.


So why do we throw water at everyone at this time? Well, that is because it stands as a symbol for cleaning your soul and give you good fortune in life. Most often, you will experience the Thai people washing you and themselves with chalk mixed in water and to later get it washed away in the water fight. Do not worry, it doesn't leave any stains on your clothes. But it's still not recommended to have your favorite clothes on you if you're wise. And try to show respect, do not get angry because someone throws water at you, this only happens once a year and is very important for the Thai people, remember that we are guests in their country.

So what risks are there during Songkran? Of course we try to keep everything just fun and safe, but sometimes accidents happen. The most usual one being that Thai people love putting ice in the water stations, which makes the water extremely cold. But this is normally appreciated do with this being the hottest couple of weeks in Thailand, all year. Then, as usual, alcohol is included which some people can't handle and they might get a little too brave sometimes. But this is the same whether it's a holiday or not. Driving a motorbike on wet roads is not recommended, but it does happen. At last we got the fact that not all want to be wet, e.g. Pattaya that have Songkran for a whole seven days! That can get annoying for some. So try to see what the person is dressed in and if he or she is acceptable to become wet before you drench them in water. Also keep your electronics and money protected from water and pickpockets.

But other than that, Songkran is sure one of the most fun holidays I've ever experienced, you will have a blast and a memory for life!

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