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Hello to all you blog writers ThailandGuide24 is now searching for guest bloggers, the texts should preferably be about Thailand or any other Asia country we support and can pretty much contain anything. However, the texts must be written with good quality and we warmly receive texts in English, Swedish, German, Russian and Chinese, where we got websites with blogs, visit the website and there you can find your preferred language of choice or go to another Asia country.

Do you have a passion for writing?

Have you experienced something amazing? Or, do you just want to write about anything that comes to mind, then you have come to the right place. Nothing is too grand, nor too small...

Some writing tips for a blog?

   • The text has to be unique and not copied from the Internet, but it is okay to gather information, inspiration or ideas from the Internet or friends.

   • A great header is also a strong point which gives the blog a more interesting look.


   • The blog should contain at least 300 words, but 500-1000 words is optimal. The text should contain a good read from the first to the last word.


   • To make it shorter and more easily read, it's recommended using paragraphing, also a use of bullet lists if possible, this makes the text better looking and more interesting.

   • Do not forget to use correct grammar and spell check the work to make the reading easier.

It is all good if you do want to attach links to a source. If you do have any private pictures that fits the text, we are more than happy to receive them.

Also, please write your name in the end of the text together with the company/ website/ blog or position if you want. Email your blogs and pictures. If you do not have any picture, we will use picture from our archive.

ThailandGuide24 is responsible for everything that is published on our website and we can in some cases deny a text if it does not fit, or we can edit the text. If that would happen, then we will send you an email that will have to be approved by the editor or she/ himself can personally correct it.

This will be exciting! We will confirm with an email when the blog is published online.

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