Activities in Ko Phangan 

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Stretch the kinks out of your muscles with yoga classes, which are offered in several places across the island. For those staying long-term, Agama Yoga, in northwest Koh Phangan, offers month-long intensive courses. If you want to get fit but yoga isn’t your thing, check out the mui Thai gyms, which provide workout and training facilities, including intensive trading camps. If you prefer spectator sports, view the frequent bouts of Thon Sala.


You and your friends can try your hand at archery near Chaloklam, or go for an elephant ride. When it comes to elephant rides, bargaining on the price is an intrinsic part of the activity. Those who fail to do so are liable to get ripped off. For something slow paced, try a fishing trip. Hop on a speed boat to Ang Thong National Marine Park for something livelier.

Water Sports

How could you come to a place like Koh Phangan, surrounded by the tantalizing ocean, and not go swimming? That would be unthinkable. But there is a lot to do in and on the ocean besides swimming in it. Snorkeling and diving are a great way to explore the diverse coral reefs and different types of fish and other marine life. Koh Phangan has several popular snorkeling locations, including Haad Mae Haad, Haad Khom, Ko Maa, and Haad Yao. Sailing, windsurfing, kite-surfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding are also available at select locations.

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