Beaches on Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is an island in Southern Thailand which is a very popular vacation choice for travelers from all over the world, including North America and Australia. Given that it is an island, its entire 40km circumference is composed of beaches. There is something here for everyone, ranging from the busier, touristy areas which offer more amenities, to the quieter areas which are more authentically Thai. Each of the over thirty beaches in Koh Phangan has its own personality and character. In addition to its breathtaking beaches, Koh Phangan offers a wide range of activities.

Bottle Beach

Bottle Beach is one of Koh Phangan’s most isolated beaches, located on its northern coast. The beach is named “Bottle Beach” after the plastic bottles used to mark a hiking trail leading to it. If you feel that getting someplace is half the fun, and you enjoy challenging hikes, you can get there with a 2-3 hour hike through steep jungle terrain. If dealing with overgrown trails fills you with dread rather than excitement, you can skip the difficult hike and cruise to Bottle Beach by boat, from Chaloklam. Stunningly beautiful Bottle Beach provides a quiet, relaxing experience with white sand and clean water to swim in year round. Nice sleeping accommodations are readily available for good prices, but make sure to bring food with you.

Haad Yao

Haad Yao is one of the all-around best beaches on the northwest coast, along with Chaloklam, Mae Haad, and Haad Khom. It is somewhat more developed, suitable for those who like the comfort of restaurants and an ATM close by. Haad Yao has a long beach of white sand, plenty of palm trees, and clean water. It is a great place to come for some serious swimming. If you enjoy exploring coral reefs and many species of fish close up, you’ll be glad to know that you can go snorkeling and diving at Haad Yao.

Haad Salad

Haad Salad lies close to Haad Yao. Although it used to be a quiet beach, the recent construction of several classy resorts has attracted more people to its shores. This idyllic cove, shaded by nearby trees, is perfect for families and those who enjoy high end-resorts. For a unique activity, check out Chef Tummys Thai Cooking School. The classes include excursions to the local market, a synopsis of Thai cooking, and Chef Tummy’s spellbinding tales from his pirate days in the Caribbean.

Than Sadet

Than Sadet is located within the Than Sadet National Park. The park is named after the Than Sadet River, which forms the largest waterfall on the island and then flows into the ocean. This waterfall is located close to the beach, and has traditionally been a favorite of Thai monarchs. You can enjoy the mountain views from the beach. Or, for more experienced hikers, experience the stunning sight of the series of waterfalls as they flow through the mountains up close.

Thong Nai Pan

Thong Nai Pan includes two scenic bays with white sand, surrounded by beautiful mountains. These beaches are among the most popular on the eastern side of the island. The entire area is great for families with children, as well as anybody else looking for a beautiful beach with nice swimming. Thong Nai Pan is more developed, and offers a wide range of cuisine (with a corresponding range of prices). The smaller of the two bays is called Thong Nai Pan Noi (Noi = smaller).  The fact that it contains a village, along with restaurants and bars, makes it somewhat more popular than its larger counterpart, Thon Nai Pan. Thon Nai Pan appeals to those who would rather avoid the crowds, as well as those interested in hiking it’s many trails, enjoying the waterfalls, and rock climbing.

Haad Rin

Haad Rin is famous for the once a month Full Moon Parties. Given that the parties attract such a large crowd, Haad Rin is packed with tourist amenities. After the parties, the beach is quieter, making it perfect for someone who wants a combination of convenience and calmness. The waves are beautiful and blue, and swimming is possible even during the dry season.

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