Attractions Koh Phangan

Koh Phanagan is an island located off of Thailand’s southern tip. Koh Phangan is a popular tourist destination, and offers its visitors many amenities. Koh Phangan has something for everybody: Some areas are touristy, while some are more untouched and quiet. Haad Rin, home of the famous (or infamous) Full Moon Parties, tends to attract young singles intent on partying, while other areas also cater to families, or those pursuing a vacation with all the stops pulled out. Koh Phanagan’s beautiful white sand beaches and mountain views offer plenty of enjoyment on their own, but the island also boasts a range of other delights.


The outer perimeter of the island is composed of beaches, while the interior is mountainous jungles. These jungles hide many exquisite waterfalls, as well as lookout points from which you can admire the breathtaking panoramas. Some of the best lookout points include the Domesila viewpoint, a free attraction located only a 15 minute hike away from the Phaeng waterfall. A hike up from Bottle Beach will bring you to another viewpoint. For viewpoints that do not require hikes, check out Wat Kahao Tam, or the viewpoint in Chaloklam, both of which are near roads. Koh Phangan has many waterfalls, most notably the Than Sadet waterfall, which is the largest waterfall on the entire island. This waterfall has long been a favorite of Thai monarchs, who came to the island for the express purpose of admiring it. A hiking trail runs along the Than Sadet River, allowing you to enjoy a series of waterfalls.

Cultural Attractions

Luxuriate in an herbal sauna, offered on the grounds of the Wat Pho temple. There are separate saunas for men and women. Women should make a point of remaining clothed, so as not to offend the locals. There is a beautiful Chinese temple overlooking Chaloklam. An added plus of this venue is that entrance is free.

Outdoor activities

The most obvious outdoor activity is hiking. There are many hiking trails throughout Koh Phangan’s beautiful mountains, which will allow you to explore the waterfalls, stunning viewpoints, and beaches. However, there are many other things to do.

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