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The region of Krabi, on the south eastern coast of Thailand, is the perfect place to enjoy unspoiled natural beauty. To date undeveloped, not so many people have heard about Krabi nor has it experienced the influx of foreign tourism common in other parts of Thailand. Of course what this means as well is that Krabi has a limited supply of accommodation for travelers, so it is a good idea to reserve your room well before your flight date. The largest town on the island is Krabi Town. However, most tourists prefer to stay in hotels or bungalows on one of the magnificent beaches, with their striking rock formations.

Krabi has something for everyone. All the fun that people associate with a vacation in Thailand is right there – swimming, diving, snorkeling, paddling, looking at the amazing birds and animals or hiking to one of the beautiful waterfalls. The climate is lovely and it’s easy to find delicious meals. Krabi has so much to offer that once you’ve seen it, you’ll be eager to come back and see even more of this fascinating part of Thailand.

Thailand - Krabi Krabi in Thailand

Visiting Krabi

You have several options for getting to Krabi, depending on which beach you plan to stay at: an 80 minute plane ride from Bangkok, or a car or boat trip from Phuket. To avoid any hassles, it’s best to arrange travel to Krabi at the time you book your flight to Thailand, especially if you will be traveling with children. The region of Krabi is made up of many islands and villages, with a total population of nearly 500,000 – 30,000 of them in Krabi Town. However, the area does not have a crowded feel, because it is so spread out. Krabi is less developed than many regions of Thailand; as a result, in some areas you can choose to stay in a hotel or a bungalow, but in others there is only one type of accommodation available. Do some advance planning to work out where to visit depending on your budget and the type of place you’d like to stay in. Both hotels and bungalows tend to fill up quickly in the peak tourist season, so be sure to make your booking ahead of time.


Staying at one of Krabi’s gorgeous beaches is a vacation for both body and soul. It also gives you a jumping off place from which to enjoy all kinds of fun and exciting activities. These are a few of the nicest beaches:

Ton Sai

Not far from Krabi Thai, Ton Sai is an inexpensive beach to stay at. It’s great for backpackers and climbers.

Ao Nang

Formerly a backpackers’ beach, these days Ao Nang appeals to the general tourist population.

Rai Lay

Railay is a peninsula consisting of 3 different sections:

At the southern end of the peninsula, Phra Nang is a lovely sandy beach bounded by large rocks, which deserves its title as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. With a reputation like that, Phra Nang does attract a fair number of visitors, so be prepared. Travel here from Ao Nang by long tail boat – it’s about a 20 minute trip. Swimming, snorkeling and a rejuvenating massage right on the beach are some of the pleasures that await you.

Rai Lay East

Railay East is not so much a swimming beach but rather a nice place to enjoy the view, to dine out or to relax at one of the bars.

Rai Lay West

Railah West is easy to get to from Ao Nang. Its combination of beautiful sand and shallow water makes it especially suitable for families with small children. The north side of this beach is the best part for swimming.

Thailand - Krabi Krabi in Thailand


There is so much to do on Koh Krabi. Just stretching out on the sand and letting your cares melt away is a good start. After that, you can go snorkeling or diving to have a look at the fascinating undersea life. Or venture farther afield in a sail boat or paddle boat. Away from the beach, try trekking or perhaps mountain climbing to explore inland. A hike in the rain forest will bring you all kinds of sweet surprises, such as sightings of exotic birds or the chance to splash in a refreshing waterfall. Thai cooking classes, elephant rides … Why not try them all? After a busy day relaxing, you’ll be ready to relax some more over a good meal. The local restaurants and bars specialize in local fresh seafood, naturally, but European style cuisine is also available, if you’d like a change. Read about Krabi’s activities and you will be amazed by this area’s diversity.

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