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One of the wonderful things about a vacation in Thailand is that it can be so multi faceted. When most people think of Thailand, they picture pristine white beaches beside an azure sea. But that’s just a part of what this amazing country has to offer. Have you heard about Hua Hin? This small city, situated on the Gulf of Thailand in the north of the Malay Peninsula, is a perfect vacation spot for young and old, with lots to see in the town itself, as well as in the surrounding countryside. The royal palace, home of the King of Thailand and his family, is located in Hua Hin, together with many other interesting architectural and cultural sites.

While America and Europe are experiencing winter’s chill, Hua Hin’s average temperature is close to 30 degrees Celsius – that’s a balmy 85 degrees Fahrenheit! Whatever your budget, you will find accommodation in Hua Hin for you. The typical Thai hospitality and friendliness will welcome you and make you feel right at home.

Thailand - Hua Hin Hua Hin in Thailand


Book your room in the hotels built right along the Gulf, if you’d like to be close to the beach. There is also a good selection of accommodation to the north and south of Hua Hin beach proper, if you’d prefer to be a little outside of the city. You will see that it is convenient and safe to travel from one coastal town to the next via trains and buses which run day and night. The Sofitel Central, one of the city’s top hotels, started out in life as the Railway Hotel.

Hua Hin, which charmingly combines modern city amenities with a relaxed seaside resort feeling, is popular not just with tourists from abroad but also with Thai locals as well. Many Bangkok residents own vacation residences in the area. Travelers have the option to stay in rented apartments, luxury hotels or hostels.


Although they are next to an urban area, Hua Hin’s beaches are clean and attractive. The water is fairly shallow and calm. There are amazing natural rock formations to see in front of the Sofitel hotel. These formations, which give Hua Hin (literally “head stone”) its name, provide a dramatic backdrop for family photos … or for a live monkey show! Children will enjoy clambering on the boulders that dot the shoreline. Because the beach is so close to the center, it’s easy to go from sunbathing to city shopping or fine dining, but just remember that the Thais tend to be rather formal and modest in their dress. The baggy shorts that are so comfortable for romping on the beach will not be considered suitable for a meal in a restaurant, even one right at the waterside. Proper dress for adults is seen as a sign of good manners in Thailand.

Thailand, Hua Hin Hua Hin, Thailand


Just as it’s easy to get from the beach to a fine restaurant, it is equally simple to go to visit Hua Hin’s cultural attractions. There are plenty of interesting things to see if you just walk around the city, but you’ll probably get more out of it if you plan a few special activities in advance, particularly if you have your children with you. Thailand is full of amazing animals (think cobras, crocodiles, elephants and monkeys) and elephant trekking is a very popular tourist activity. Or, for a change of pace, what about elephant football? Horseback riding along the beach is another great activity for the whole family, especially if your kids are a little older.

The 9 professional golf course in the central Hua Hin area are a special attraction for anyone who golfs ... or who wants to learn. They are all easy to get to, and may be combined with a half day at the beach snorkeling or diving. If you’d like more adventurous versions of these favorite water sports, take a boat tour to head out to deeper waters.

Restaurants and Bars

Hua Hin has a small town vibe compared to Bangkok. There are quite a few pleasant restaurants and bars, but in general the night life is fairly quiet. A lot of the dining establishments are very child friendly, making them comfortable places to share a meal with your kids. If you read about Hua Hin, you’ll find that though it enjoys a relatively balmy climate year round, the ideal time to visit is between November and February, the “cool season,” when both the water and the air are a comfortably warm temperature by European and American standards.

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