Weather in Hua Hin

Now Hua Hin, Thailand
Weather station Hua Hin, Thailand
34.86  °C
Light Rain

Wind speed: 26.82 km/h
Humidity: 44%

Source: OpenWeatherMap
Fri 34.26°
23.22 km/h 
Light Rain
Sat 34.45°
27.72 km/h 
Light Rain
Sun 33.74°
28.44 km/h 
Overcast Clouds
Mon 32.49°
24.30 km/h 
Light Rain
Tue 32.41°
25.31 km/h 
Overcast Clouds
Wed 32.15°
26.42 km/h 
Light Rain


Hua Hin is a located little south from Bangkok on a narrow peninsula that extends down to Malaysia. Hua Hin has three seasons, cool, hot and rainy season. With one of the lowest rainfall measurements in Thailand.

Cool season from November to February.

Hot season from March to June.

The rainy season from July to October.

Cool season between November to February with an average temperature around 26 degrees. Plenty of sun, can be a bit windy. The warmest period from March to June, the brief showers in June may occur. The rainy season from July to October Hua Hin has not normally heavily monsoon rains as in other parts of Thailand.

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