Customs Regulations for Imports and Exports - Thailand

The following are the Thai customs regulations for imports and exports.

Visitors to Thailand are allowed to import duty free:

  • Tobacco: 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of cigarettes or tobacco
  • Alcohol: 1 liter of wine, beer or other spirits
  • Perfume: 60 ml

Visitors are allowed to bring in personal valuables up to 10,000 THB. Anything above this amount must be declared when you enter the country. According to Thai law, it is forbidden to import illegal drugs, firearms, dangerous chemicals, counterfeit goods and pirated items, counterfeit currency, protected animals and pornography.

Customs Regulations Regarding Foreign Currency

Anyone bringing foreign currency above the amount of US $20,000 into or out of the Kingdom of Thailand must declare this foreign currency to Customs. It is a legal offense to fail to declare or to make a false declaration.


Visitors are normally allowed to bring the medications required for their medical needs into Thailand, as long as these items are not on the official list of illegal drugs or other banned substances and will be for personal use only, not for a gift or for sale. It is recommended to carry medications in their original packaging, together with a note from your doctor or supplier, or a copy of your prescription.

Import and Export

Thailand has introduced the ATA Carnet system to make it easier to import and export goods, in line with international practice.

Goods are exempt from tax if they are:

  • Intended to benefit Thailand socially, economically or technically
  • For the shipper’s own personal use and have no commercial value
  • To be exported out of the country within three months


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