Traffic and Car Rental in Thailand

Renting a car in Thailand can be a convenient way to get around. Just bear in mind that driving in Thailand is ... well, different. First of all the Thai drive on the left side of the street. Second, you’ll find motorcycles, truck and even dogs weaving back and forth across the road. However, the roads are generally in good shape and driving will give you an excellent opportunity to experience the Thai character up close and personal. Just choose your car rental company carefully.


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Car Rental Prices

When renting a car in Thailand, be sure that you will have insurance. Choose a rental firm that will ensure that you won’t have a problem if the car is damaged in any way. Buy gas from filling stations rather than the bottles for sale by the side of the road.


Driving on the left side of the road in Thailand takes some getting used to, especially when you need to back out of a parking lot or make a left turn. You are permitted to turn left on a red light provided that you can clearly see the traffic in the opposite direction. You can park in quite a few places – just look for either black and red or black and white markings. Be careful not to park illegally. This will cost you both money and time, as the police may put a clamp on your wheel. Then you’ll have to track down the one police officer who has the right key to unlock your car – not as funny as it sounds.

Road Safety

You may be hesitant to rent a car in Thailand since the traffic conditions seem too dangerous with motorcycles and dogs zigzagging across the street. In rainy season, there are also sometimes holes in the road. The best policy is to be relaxed yet alert. If you are traveling with small children, make sure you get car seats or booster seats from the car rental company.

The best Option for Car Rental

You’ll see a lot of places to rent a car in Thailand. Some of these are fine, while at others you may be taking your life in your hands. We recommend that you ask for assistance in renting a car, from your hotel, travel agent or tour operator. If you rent from a major car rental company, you’ll have reliability plus the convenience of being able to pick up your rental car in one location and drop it off in another, to suit your itinerary.

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