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Learning to communicate with simple Thai, a mixture of English and Thai, can you get pretty far with. Thai language uses long and short tones, and high and low tones to describe a word, the same word can have many different meanings. Try to speak Thai when you order food or in other places and do not be afraid, Most Thais who work in the tourist destinations will understand you and at the same time be mightily impressed.

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Below we list many useful word, phrases and sentences to help you learn to speak Thai.


Count to 10 in Thai

1=neung 2=song 3=sam 4=si 5=ha 6=hok 7=chet 8=pet 9=kao 10=sip


Kha (she says at the end of a sentence, marked pink)
Kap (he says at the end of a sentence, marked blue)
(If he talks very nicely say krap instead of kap)

English Thai
I Chan (she say)
I Phom (he say)
Hello Sawadee kap (he)
Hello Sawadee kha (she)
Bye La kon
How are you Sabai dee mai Kap/Kha
I am fine Sabai dee kap (han)
I am fine Sabai dee kha (hon)
I am not well Phom mai sabai (han)
I am not well Chan mai sabai (hon)
Thank you Khop khun kap (han)
Thank you Khop khun kha (hon)
Thank you very much Khop khun mark Kap/Kha
Excuse Sier jai
Sorry Khor thoj kap/kha
No Mai chai
Yes Chai
Large Yai
Small Lek
Please Karuna
Where is the toilet Hong nam pai taang mai kap/kha
Toilet Hong nam
Water Nam
Rain Fhon
Raining Fhon tok
Shower Ab nam
Speak Pud kui
The currency in Thailand (THB) called = Baht
How much Town rai Kap/kha
Money Nguen
One Baht Neung Baht
Cheap Took
Expensive Paeng
Can you discount Lod dai mai kap/Kha
Bill thanks Keb tang kap/kha
Bill thanks Check bin kap/kha
Spicy Pet
Not spicy Mai pet
I’m hungry Phom/Chan hew khao kap/kha
Restaurant Ran a harn
Rice Kao
Fish Plaa
Chicken Gai
Pork Moo
Beef Nuea
Ham Ham
Egg Khai
Bread Ka nom pung
Coffee Kaa fae
Hot tea Cha ron
Beer Beer
Red/white wine Wine Deang/ Wine khao
Delicious Arroy kap/kha
Airport Sanam bin
Bus station Satanee khon song
Hotel Roong ream
Police Taam ruat
Stop thief Jab kha moey
Broken Taek
Everything Tung mode
Maybe Mai nae
Boat Rua
Sea Ta lay
Diving Dam nam
I have problem Phom/Chan me pun haa
No problem Mai pen rai
Happy Mee Khwam sook
Enjoy Sa nook maak kap/kha
Good luck Chok dee
Friend Puen
Man Pu chai
Woman Pu ying
See you again Pob kun mai
I love you Phom/Chan rak khun kap/kha
Sexy boy Roob loor
Sexy girl Suay maak
Funny Sanook
Darling Tilak
I am confused Phom/Chan sap son
Never mind Mai pen rai
A lot Maak
Pain Jeb
I am full Im leaw
Telephone Toor ra sap
Play Lain
Crazy Bha
You are crazy Khun pen bha laew
You are very crazy Khun bha maak
Stupid Ting tong
You are stupid Khun ting tong
To ask only put Mai in the end.
To make it negative put Mai in the beginning
Have Mee
I have Phom/Chan mee kap/kha
I don't have Phom/Chan mai mee kap/kha
You have Khun mee mai kap/kha
You don't have Khun mai mee chai mai kap/kha
Can not hear you Phom/Chan mai dai yin kap/kha
I can hear you Phom/Chan dai yin kap/kha
Are you hungry Khun hew khao mai kap/kha
Are you happy Khun dee jai mai kap/kha
Do you have a boy/girlfriend Khun mee fan lue yung kap/kha
I don't understand Phom/Chan mai khao jai kap/kha
Hour Shua moong
Day Khang wan
Night Klang khern
Week Aathit
Month Duan
Year Phee
Sunday Wan aa thit
Monday Wan jan
Tuesday Wan ang kaan
Wednesday Wan put
Thursday Wan pa rue haat
Friday Wan sook
Saturday Wan sao
0 = soon
½ = krueng
1 = neung
2 = song
3 = sam
4 = se
5 = haa
6 = hok
7 = jet
8 = pead
9 = gao
10 = sip
11 = sip et
12 = sip song
13 = sip sam
14 = sip se
15 = sip haa
20 = yee sip
21 = yee sip et
22 = yee sip song
23 = yee sip sam
10 = sip
20 = yee sip
30 = sam sip
40 = se sip
50 = haa sip
60 = hok sip
70 = jet sip
80 = pead sip
90 = gao sip
100 = neung roi
150 = neung roi haa sip
200 = song roi
350 = sam roi haa sip
500 = haa roi
1000 = neung pan
1500 = neung pan haa roi
2000 = song pan
5000 = haa pan
10000 = nueng muen
100000 = nueng saen
1 million = nueng laan
1 am = te neung
2 am = te song
3 am = te sam
4 am = te se
5 am = te haa
6 am = hok moong chao
7 am = jet moong chao
8 am = pet moong chao
9 am = kao moong chao
10 am = sip moong chao
11 am = sip et moong
12 am = tiang
1 pm = bai moong
2 pm = bai song
3 pm = bai sam
4 pm = si moong yen
5 pm = ha moong yen
6 pm = hok moong yen
7 pm = neung tom
8 pm = song tom
9 pm = sam tom
10 pm = se tom
11 pm = haa tom
12 pm = tiang kheun
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