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Bang Lut is a province located on the southwest coast of Thailand. But that simple statement about Bang Lut doesn’t go very far to convey the beauty and serenity of this tranquil area. Miles and miles of clean sand beaches, sparkling waterfalls, unique rock formations and islands galore characterize this lovely province. With over 150 islands, there is a lot for tourists to explore. If you’re looking for a peaceful relaxing vacation, Bang Lut’s amazing beaches are a great place for you to nurture your body and spirit. From October to February is the ideal time to go for the best weather, but of course you can visit at other times of the year. You will save money and have the place practically to yourself at those times as long as you’re not bothered by heavy rainfalls or heat.

Bang Lut can be described as the ideal vacation spot. It has close access to shopping and big city amenities, but is located among quiet and peaceful natural surroundings. At a time when your friends back in America or Europe are dealing with ice and snow, you’ll be swimming in crystal clear – and warm! – water or lounging on the soft white sand of one of Bang Lut’s gorgeous beaches. Add a professional Thai massage to this picture for near total bliss. Diving and snorkeling are available if you’re feeling athletic, or you can hike inland to discover the area’s beautiful waterfalls. Try trekking through the jungle by elephant or drifting along a tropical stream on a raft.

Thailand, Bang Lut Bang Lut in Thailand


For complete relaxation, find accommodation near one of the beaches of Bang Lut. There are not as many types of lodging as in other regions of Thailand since the area is not very big, though you will have a choice of hotels or rental apartments. Because this is not a major tourist center, you will enjoy being alone on the beach, but you will not find the same variety of shopping and entertainment that you’d have elsewhere.

To sample a little of the Thai nightlife, you can hop over to Khao Lak, only 20 minutes from Bang Lut. You’ll also find shopping and restaurants in Khao Lak, including good ol’ American style burgers, if you’re ready for a break from Thai food. Phuket is 2 hours away; in fact, traveling via Phuket Airport is the quickest way to reach Bang Lut. If you’d like a little more excitement, Phuket has plenty of dining and shopping available. Another lively place that is good for a day trip is Patong, also about 2 hours away.

Thailand - Bang Lut Bang Lut - Thailand


Swimming and sunbathing are terrific, but if you want to be a bit more active, there’s plenty to do in Bang Lut. You are very close to two 18 hole golf courses, as well as a 36 hole course at the Blue Canyon Country Club, known as the best golf course in Asia. Visit one of the national parks to see the impressive array of wildlife. Trekking by elephant is a great way to catch a glimpse of some of the exotic local birds. For a true nature lover, nothing beats camping out overnight in the jungle.

It’s important to note that although Bang Lut is reasonably well equipped, you’ll have to travel at least 20 minutes away for more than the basics. Activities in the area, while pleasant and undoubtedly relaxing are limited. This is worth considering if you are traveling with young children who get bored easily. However, if you are looking for a tranquil, uncrowded retreat from winter’s cold and winds, think about Bang Lut – it could be just the right place for you.

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