Huay Yang – About Huay Yang in Thailand

Located on the east coast of Thailand, approximately 300 kilometers to the south of Bangkok, the country’s capital city, Huay Yang is a tiny tourist village that has become extremely popular among Scandinavians. Home to no more than 3,500 people, Huay Yang is mostly a fishing and farming community and isn’t your typical Thai tourist destination.

In fact, not many tourists visit Huay Yang at all. Nearly all visitors to the village are Scandinavians—most of the 500 houses that have been built in Huay Yang in the recent past are owned by people from Scandinavia. Visiting is, however, worth it because the village offers an authentic look into the day-to-day life of the people of rural Thailand and has beautiful sandy beaches.

The center of the village is home to a surprisingly large number of restaurants, serving both Thai specialties and some Western dishes. Menus aren’t extensive, but the food is excellent. Food can also be bought at local daily markets; markets where, in addition to food, vendors also sell hardware, clothes and pretty much all other everyday necessities.


Huay Yang is a nice place to get to know local Thai culture, but it is also a great base to explore the surrounding area. The provincial capital of Hua Hin is located only 130 to the north of the village and makes for a fun day trip—it’s home to amazing beaches. The city is easily accessed via a well-working network of buses and trains.

Another major highlight in the area is the Huay Yang Waterfall National Park. This 160-square-kilometer national park features the seven-tier Huay Yang Waterfall, mountain ranges and lush vegetation. Other waterfalls are worth seeing as well, including the Huai Din Dat Waterfall, the Kha Aon Waterfall and the Khao Lan Waterfall.


Huay Yang, as a very popular destination among northern Europeans, offers a wide range of accommodation options. There are lodges, guesthouses and beach resorts, all providing an equally as varied range in facilities and services. Although some accommodations may be basic, they are always clean and affordable and make for wonderful places to stay for budget travelers. The beach resorts, of course, have more to offer in terms of luxury and amenities.


Huay Yang is located about 300 kilometers to the south of Bangkok on the east coast of Thailand. It has a train and bus station and is conveniently reachable from other parts of the country. The nearest larger city is Hua Hin, which is the provincial capital.


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