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If you are thinking about Ko Kood as a travel destination, look at photos of the island long enough and you can almost imagine you are there. The turquoise water (is it blue or green?), the gracious palm trees, the clean white beaches will all seem to beckon to your winter weary soul. Also called Ko Kut, this stunningly beautiful island is ranked as Thailand’s fourth largest. Koh Kood is located in the eastern part of the Gulf of Thailand, not far away from Cambodia. Getting there can be quite a production because the last leg of the trip needs to be done by boat, but that only adds to the impression of delightful seclusion. The residents of Koh Kood have learned a lesson from what happened on other islands in Thailand, when tourist development was undertaken too fast and haphazardly, and are taking steps to preserve the beautiful landscapes. Measures have been enacted to protect the coral reefs, such as forbidding the use of jet skis off the coast of Koh Kood. You won’t find any taxis on this unspoiled island, either. However, you can rent a bicycle and pedal along the mostly unpaved roads of Koh Kood.

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Getting there

Travel to Koh Kood is a bit more complicated than to other destinations in Thailand. But just relax and take it as an opportunity to get into the spirit of adventure.

The trip to Koh Kood from Trat is by express boat and takes about 2 hours. However to reach the express boat in the first place you need to get to Trat market and from there find a ride to the pier. Boat rides are also available out of Laem Sook, not far from Trat, mainly during the peak tourist season. The advantage here is that you can choose which dock to get off at, and the trip takes only about an hour. You will not find any banking facilities or ATMs on Koh Kood, so be sure to stock up on cash before you leave for the island.

Yet another option is to set out from Koh Chang on something called the Inter Island Hopper service, a trip of about 3 hours, or more conveniently, by speedboat. Before getting onto a boat, make sure that the tour company that operates it is reputable. To be sure of getting reliable service, book through one of the local travel agents.

Koh Kut, Thailand Thailand, Koh Kood


Something you should know about Koh Kood is that it is by no means a party island. Travelers come here to sit back and relax, because there is virtually no night life other than barbecues or similar events that your hotel may organize for its guests. The wonderful climate and nature are the drawing cards for visitors to Koh Kood. During the day, you can swim in that gorgeous water, of course, and also snorkel, dive or explore the island. You’ll notice that the hotels try to save on electricity by making use of generators and solar power whenever possible.

For a unique experience, try swimming in the natural pool fed by Koh Kood’s amazing waterfall, which is cool and refreshing compared to the balmy Gulf. The west coast of Koh Kood has the most stunning beaches. If you choose to stay on the other side, going to these beaches makes for a nice day’s outing. Remember to bring a picnic. The island’s weather is gorgeous most of the year. There is a short rainy season in the summer but even then the skies usually clear up quickly after a downpour.


You won’t find a village on Koh Kood for shopping or dining out. For this reason, you will need to rely on the hotel restaurants for your meals. If you would like to taste some exquisitely fresh fish, though, take a trip to the fishing village of Ao Salat (population 300), which is built on stilts and located on the north eastern side of the island. The way to get there is either via the local roads or rent a water scooter and head out through the Gulf. Supply yourself with a legible map to help find your way around. If you are interested in a unique combination of tranquility and adventure, think about Koh Kood as the perfect vacation home away from home for you.

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