Information Udonthani

City: Udonthani
Also spelled: Udorn Thanee
Location: North-east of Thailand
Province: Udonthani (Thailand Provinces 76 pcs)  See list here!
Country: Thailand

Largest City: Udon Thani
Population City Udonthani: Approximately 400000
Population province: Approximately 1.5 million

Area: 11,730 km2 (4529 sq miles)
Maximum height: 588 m (1929 ft) Mountain Phu Ya U
Minimum height: 187m (613 ft)

Distance to Bangkok: 565 km (351 miles)

Udon Thani is one of the four major cities in the Isaan region, the other three are Khorat, Ubon Ratchathani and Khon Kaen, they are together called "Big Four of Isaan" Four major cities in Isaan.  

Here you can find information about Udon thani and is meant to assist you and guide you what makes Udonthani unique and a nice destination.

Events, festivals and holidays in Udonthani

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General information and Hospitals in Udonthani

Banks, ATMs and money Exchange.
Immigration Offices.
Hospitals and dentists available.

Travel with buses during the day, or tuktuk, taxi and there are so-called motorcycle taxi. No matter what form of transportation you choose, the price should ideally be drawn up before the start if vehicle not have any taxi-meter or driver not are willing to use the meter. Read more about taxi!

Hospitals and Dentists in Udonthani

Hospitals Udonthani
Udon Thani Hospital: +66 (0) 42 244252-3
Panyawt hospital: +66 (0) 42 343 111
Khai Prachak hospital: +66 (0) 42 341 710
Oak udon hospital: +66 (0) 42 342 666

Dentists Udonthani
Ratchanai dental clinic: +66 (0) 42 921 252
Dentist clinic: +66 (0) 42 243 305
Mueang Udon Thani dental clinic: +66 (0) 42 343 815

Phone list local phones Udonthani

Police, Fire, Ambulace: 191 (all over Thailand)
Healthcare: 1669
Fire: 199
Udon Thani Police Station: +66 (0) 42 222 285, +66 (0) 42 223 304
Tourist Police: 1155
Immigration: +66 (0) 42 249 982
Immigration: 1178

Transport Numbers
Udon Thani Airport: +66 (0) 42 222 845
Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok: +66 (0) 2 1321888
The bus terminal Udon Thani: +66 (0) 42 247950-2
Train Terminal Udon Thani: +66 (0) 42 222 061

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