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Many people think about “Khao Lak” as synonymous with the tsunami that wreaked havoc on the region in 2004. Although Khao Lak was one of the hardest hit places in the country, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how its residents have managed to restore and rebuild this lovely strip of land in the south of Thailand. Once you have stayed in one of its charming resorts, you may well join the group that returns to Khao Lak every year. You’ll find a lot to see and do – and a lot to like. This resort area is a wonderful place for a family vacation or for anyone seeking a peaceful relaxing getaway.

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Although Khao Lak is a huge region, one of its many charms is that it is not overly crowded with tourists. It is named for the national park which was established in the area some 20 years ago, and as you might expect, is the ideal place to soak up the sights of Thailand’s lush natural beauty and to get to know the Thai people. A favorite destination for divers and snorkelers, the Similan Islands Marine Park, is located close by.


There are hotels in profusion right on the beach. The most luxurious among them feature swimming pools, sea breezes and stunning views over the water. For couples or singles on a much more modest budget, beach bungalows are the best and least expensive choice. In the village of Bang Niang, you’ll find a good assortment of the various types of accommodation, Khao Lak style. However, as usual when in Thailand, check out the activities and entertainment on offer in the neighboring villages before you make up your mind about where to stay during your vacation.

Access to Khao Lak is easy – just hop on a mini bus or a regular bus from Bangkok, Phuket or Krabi. To get around the region itself, take a taxi or the inimitable Thai songthaew. Be aware that you must work out a price with the driver in advance. Even if a taxi to a remote nature spot cost you a certain amount yesterday, you have no guarantee that the same trip will be the same price today unless you and the driver agree on the fare before you leave.


Khao Lak stretches along the coastline, and is home to many lovely beaches. Your accommodation will most likely be on a beautiful beach, but bear in mind that each beach has a character of its own. Try day trips to nearby beaches for a variety of experiences – you’ll see amazing fish, lovely reefs and all kinds of gorgeous sights. Along the Andaman Sea coast, you will find places to learn the various water sports such as snorkeling or sailing. The shore is an excellent place to practice many of these sports, especially for children.

However, for a more adventurous experience, you can join an organized diving tour. The Andaman Sea is renowned as an excellent place for diving. Boats are available to take you out to dive sites such as the Similan Islands, Richelieu Rock and Surin Island, where there are on site diving schools with courses for both novices and more advanced students. Make sure that your course will give you a PADI certificate which will be recognized anywhere in the world. Head out by speed boat on a day trip suitable for your level of skill. Bring along the whole family for an enjoyable day of diving or snorkeling.

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Restaurants and Bars

In many tourist areas in Thailand, you can just take a stroll along the beach road to find places for dinner and night life. In Khao Lak, there is no such beach road, but if you look around you will find quite an assortment of restaurants and bars. Khao Lak Center has a number of good spots and the hotel restaurants in Bang Niang and Nang Thong are well worth a try. Khu Khak has a few interesting restaurants and shops. In peak season, you will find a lot of restaurants open, offering a selection of international cuisines. The beach restaurants are particularly pleasant with their enchanting views and refreshing breezes.

Take your pick – eat traditional Thai food, including plenty of fresh local seafood, or stop at a steak house or pizza parlor for western fare. Children especially will appreciate the more familiar food. You can also order light meals, as well as alcoholic beverages, of course, at the many bars that line the beaches.


Although Kha Lak is known for its beach activities, there is actually a lot to do and see inland as well. Both children and adults will enjoy exploring the area riding on the back of an elephant. Golfers will enjoy the 18 hole course at Royal Thai Navy Sports Development Centre in Thap Lamu, which stretches for 6825 meters. There are also several golf courses close to Phuket Airport, which are accessible by car.

The dry season between November and February is generally the best time to visit Khao Lak, but it can also be very enjoyable during the rainy season, as long as you don’t mind waiting out a rain shower or two. Learn about Khao Lak, its climate and its attractions -then choose when you would like to go.

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