Ko Lanta – About Ko Lanta in Thailand

Just off Thailand’s south western coast, there is a group of islands, collectively called Koh Lanta. This archipelago is remarkable for its beauty. Clear and sparkling, the surrounding sea water is perfect for swimming, snorkeling or diving. Travelers come to Koh Lanta Yai, the largest of the islands, to enjoy its unique atmosphere and natural landscapes. While you can find some nightlife there, think about Koh Lanta Yai as quiet compared to other island locales in Thailand, such as Phi Phi, for example. This island paradise is the perfect retreat for families with children and tourists of any age who’d like a serene and relaxing vacation.

Nature is a big attraction on Koh Lanta. Whether you are walking along the miles of lovely beaches or touring the tropical rain forest inland, you will enjoy discovering the island’s natural charms. A late afternoon stroll to enjoy the magnificent view of the sunset is highly recommended. Divers looking to explore the beauties of nature under the sea will appreciate the relatively undeveloped coast line.

Thailand - Koh Lanta Koh Lanta in Thailand


In terms of accommodation, backpackers may be quite happy simply setting out their sleeping bags on a quiet stretch of beach. Should you choose instead to stay in one of the inexpensive traditional bungalows right by the waterside, you’ll find that accommodation is quite basic, with a bed and perhaps a fan. If you are traveling with your family, you might find it preferable to stay in a hotel where you will not have to worry about preparing your own meals or cleaning the room yourself, as you would have to in a bungalow.

You will find that it’s fairly easy to travel to the various beaches and hotels on the island, so don’t feel that you will be confined to spending your time at just one beach simply because it’s near the place where you are sleeping. Tourism is an important business on Koh Lanta and the Thai are friendly and gracious people, so you will be warmly welcomed and made comfortable wherever you choose to stay.

The Best Beaches

The gorgeous beaches are the centerpiece of most visits to Koh Lanta. In spite of the large numbers of tourists to the main island, Lanta Yai, you will be able to find an attractive and relatively private expanse of beach to relax on with your partner or family. Klong Dao is the island’s most popular beach. It stretches for about 3 km, and fronts on shallow water – a great place for children to play. There is a wide range of accommodation near this beach, with something for every wallet and every taste.

If you’d like to swim in azure water and sunbathe on a white sandy beach, Klong Dao is a great option for you. For a long leisurely walk as you watch the fishermen of Koh Lanta coming in with their day’s catch, try Klong Khong beach; be aware that it’s more for strolling than for swimming, though. The northern section of Klong Nin is ideal for both swimming and snorkeling. This beach features idyllic scenery – lovely white sand, bordered by tropical rain forest and coconut palms. Pra Ae beach, in the northern part of the island, is also worth a visit. Kantiang Bay is an exciting place to go for snorkeling, as there are beautiful corals hidden under the waves. This last beach is considered by many to be the most gorgeous of Thailand’s many beaches.

Thailand - Koh Lanta Koh Lanta in Thailand

What to do

Koh Lanta is all about the beach life, and beach related activities are tops on most people’s to-do lists. Visitors tend to pass most of the daylight hours swimming, snorkeling and diving – or learning to do any of these. For a break from the beach, you can visit one of the shopping centers to buy local crafts and mementos. Visit the beautiful Old Town of Lanta and then from there, join an excursion to explore the rest of the island. Viewpoint Hill is an excellent vantage point from which to admire the magnificent views. There are a good number of restaurants, with a wide variety of cuisines. Although nightlife is more limited than in many other coastal towns, you will still have the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant evening “out on the town.”


Koh Lanta’s weather is tropical. This means that while the climate is always warm, there are two seasons. The hot season lasts from January to the end of April, while May to December marks the rainy season. Even during the rainy season, it does not rain all day and it is still quite pleasant in the water. Many people prefer to come during this period. However, the late fall through early winter is the most temperate time of year – the “cool season” as it is called in Thailand, even though it is still quite warm by European standards – and the most comfortable for traveling. There is a refreshingly cool breeze by the seaside. Sounds charming, doesn’t it? The more you learn about Koh Lanta, the more charmed you will be.

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