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Despite not being as stunningly beautiful and undeniably idyllic as many other beach destinations in Thailand, Pattaya is the country’s most visited coastal area. There are plenty of activities to do and sights to see, including a selection of good museums and various water sports. However, maybe somewhat unfortunately, Pattaya’s main drawcards are its beer gardens, go-go bars, girlie bars and massage parlors. Pattaya even rivals Bangkok’s red light district.

But, luckily, there is a completely different side to the town as well. Recently, the town has made serious efforts to get rid of its reputation as a party and prostitution destination. Pattaya has begun to attract package tourists and even traveling families. Although it lacks the spectacular natural beauty of the Thai islands, Pattaya makes up for it with a huge selection of accommodations and pretty much all kinds of water sports (and other sports) imaginable.

Accommodation ranges from cheap hostels and guesthouses to business hotels and luxury resorts. There is something Pattaya has in common with other Thai beach destinations, though: its popularity among long-term travelers. Pattaya has a large selection of long-stay accommodations, such as house and apartment rentals. Many of these long-term (guest)houses are located in the Soi Buakhao area, as well as in Soi Honey Inn and Soi LK Metro. You may, however, find it difficult to find these accommodations online. Most of them don’t have a website, nor do they show up on the popular booking websites. It is, therefore, advised to just show up and ask about availability—there is usually a place for rent. That way, you will also be able to take a look around the property and see what it looks like with your own eyes. Booking accommodations online always involves some kind of risk, after all.

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