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Between Phuket and Krabi, Koh Phi Phi (Phi Phi Island) is actually not one, but a group of islands. There is no airport in the area, which means it is not overrun with charter tourists who have heard all about Phi Phi Island. Instead of coming by plane you need to take a ferry from the mainland, which will drop you off at Tonsai Bay on the main island, Phi Phi Don. The only town on the island, Tonsai Village, is sought out by travelers who want a combination of party atmosphere and gorgeous natural surroundings. It tends to be most popular with young couples and singles into the night life scene, which is really vibrant and features everything from great restaurants to Muay Thai (Thai boxing) demonstrations.

Phi Phi’s beaches are famous for their beach parties, casual open air celebrations with music, dancing, drinking and some wild and crazy tricks like jumping through a hoop of fire. There is nothing like them to get a spirit of excitement going! However, if you have come to Phi Phi for peace and quiet, away from it all, you’ll be more comfortable in accommodation far from the scene of all this action.

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Accommodation on Phi Phi

As with all of Thailand, it’s best to choose where to stay depending on what types of activities you’re looking for. The northern beach area is great if you’re into an exotic party atmosphere. In the evening, you’re right on the scene of the fantastic beach parties and during the day, you can chill out on the white sandy beach. Alternatively, you can opt for total luxury in a full service resort hotel with a swimming pool. This type of hotel tends to be more expensive than similar accommodation on the mainland. However, there is a quite a range of accommodation on Phi Phi so you should have no problem finding a place to suit your budget.

The tsunami in 2004 wreaked havoc on Koh Phi Phi. By now the damage has been repaired and the island has been rebuilt, following guideline for new construction to maintain the island’s striking views and lovely natural charm.

To get to this idyllic spot, you take a ferry from either Phuket or Krabi on the mainland of Thailand. There are several boats every day. Your ferry tickets can be included in a complete tour package, together with your hotel and plane tickets.

What to do

By day, the water is your playground. You will have the delicious choice of just lounging on the beach with a leisurely swim once in a while or venturing farther afield. Tours can be arranged via either the traditional small longtail boats or larger boats. There are all kinds of lovely spots within easy access for sports such as scuba diving or snorkeling.

Nearby Koh Phi Phi Leh is great for a day trip to hike or snorkel. Arriving by longtail boat is advised, for the simple reason that this small craft can land on parts of the shore inaccessible to larger boats. To be truly adventurous, you may choose to swim from the boat to shore, to get to the most out of the way spots.

If you want quiet and seclusion, Mosquito Island, with its rocky beach, is an uncrowded island for a day trip. Bamboo Island is yet another day trip destination. In addition to the gentle arts of swimming, snorkeling and reclining on the beach, you can try kayaking or scuba diving. Inland, you can have a go at rock climbing or watching the practitioners of Muay Thai, traditional Thai boxing.

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On Phi Phi Don, the main beach area is around Tonsai Village and consists of 2 sandy beaches parallel to each other. This is the venue for the late night beach parties, so if you are seeking peace and quiet, check out the other beaches on the island. These are more difficult to get to, but are natural and unspoiled. Exploring these special beaches, you’ll feel the cares and concerns of your everyday life slipping away, as you connect with nature.

Restaurants and Bars

The restaurants on the Phi Phi serve tasty fare that is an eclectic assortment of various cuisines, from traditional Thai to Chinese inspired recipes. The majority of the island’s population is Muslims, so pork does not generally make its way onto the menus. Nevertheless, alcohol consumption seems to be quite accepted and bar hopping is a major activity and a huge draw for many visitors. This high octane party atmosphere makes Phi Phi less suitable for families with children. Besides, there is really not much in the way of activities for kids.


Phi Phi’s climate is tropical, meaning that there are really only two seasons. January through April the weather is hot and dry. The rainy seasons lasts from May till December. Travel is not impossible even during the rainy season. There is often only an hour or so of rainfall per day. Some people prefer to think about Phi Phi as a vacation destination during this period because there is some relief from the intense heat, prices are lower and the beaches are empty.

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