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Sometimes referred to as the most stunning island in Thailand, Koh Chang is unique because of its remote and pristine feel, inland jungle-covered mountain peaks, and picture-perfect white sand beaches fringed with tropical vegetation. It is located in eastern Thailand and is the country’s second largest island after Phuket. Other attractions are coral reefs and a vibrant nightlife scene. While beer bucket parties attract mostly young independent backpackers, Koh Chang is still much quieter than other popular party destinations such as Koh Samui and the afore-mentioned Phuket.

Only having made its way onto the mainstream tourist radar in the past fifteen years, Koh Chang is now developing rapidly, which brings with it an increasing number of hotels and other accommodations—there now are hundreds and hundreds of accommodations. There are basic beach bungalows, but also luxurious villas and resorts. In between, you will find affordable and well-equipped hotels. The most affordable accommodation option, however, is renting a house or apartment. Renting a house is popular among expats and long-term backpackers—daily rates are much, much cheaper compared with hotels and even guesthouses, while the ability to cook one’s own meals saves a lot of money as well.

Koh Chang is just the place for a long-term stay, its tropical paradise feel attracting increasing numbers of visitors. The island has many different beach areas, some more easily accessed than others, some much quieter than others, and you will be able to find a house or apartment for rent in most places.

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